GET WIN PLAYING CHICKEN FIGHTING GUARANTEED WIN – Cockfighting is one of the gambling games that is now increasingly known and also played by people to be able to generate a lot of benefits and bonuses that have been provided.

Cockfighting is actually a game that has changed into a routine or culture, this change may be due to the traditions of the people who often play the game. In the game of cockfighting, there are two chickens that are met in one chance to play.

The two chickens are in one event, you can already guess what will happen next. The fighting cock in English is also called gamecock or not fighting chicken, gamefowl or fighting fowl, fighting cock or fighting cock. The English translation does not use the term bangkok chicken, the term bangkok chicken is actually a local designation for the category of chicken originating from Thailand.

Bangkok chickens really have character and instincts to make fighting chickens, in Thailand the chicken is named Thai or Thai chicken and other types of fighting chicken are named after country names such as Vietnamese chicken and Burmese / Burmese chicken (Myanmar). How to place a bet for those who have never played cockfighting online, we will explain a little so that you can find out.

How to install in a cockfighting game, if you want to install the banker (meron) camp, you simply click the +0.75 number and then enter the value you want to place in the bet value column. Click place bet if you are sure of the value you put in the same way if you want to place on the player camp or wala, you just click the number -0.85 then enter the value you want to place in the bet value column.

Click place bet if you are sure of the value you have installed, in addition to the banker and player, you can also place a draw, the possibility is very small, but equivalent to the value paid, which is 1:8, the way to install is the same as how to install a banker (meron) and player (wala).

An example of a pair on Meron and Wala in online cockfighting

Description :

The number 0.75 on the banker means that if you put a banker with 100 and win then the payment value is 75, if you lose you lose -100.
The number -0.85 in Wala means that if you install Wala 100 and win, then the value paid is 100 if you lose you will lose -85.
Number 1: 8 means that if you place a draw with a nominal value of 100 and win, then the value paid is 800, if you lose, you will lose -100.

Here’s live streaming in online cockfighting gambling

You are quite consistent in the pattern that you have determined beforehand, for example you want to be consistent in the 2-1-2-1 pattern (Benker-Banker-Player-Banker-Player), then you can see the results as below:

Install Banker 5, Player output, profit 5
Install Banker 5, Player output, profit -5
Install Player 15, Player output, profit 15
Install Banker 5, Draw output, profit 15
Install player 5, Player output, profit 5


Not only that, there are also tricks in the cockfighting game that you can play, here are the steps to win online cockfighting bets:

Know what is the name of the cockfighting tournament competition

Once you know the cockfighting tournament competition on the online cockfighting agent site, see if Meron or Wala will win by identifying the problem.

Knowing the primbon of cockfighting gambling according to Javanese custom

Believe it or not that in fact the fighting cock has good luck if the rooster goes down in the competition arena with a matching day according to the primbon, the color of the chicken’s feet.

Always read the history of online cockfighting championships
Reading the history of cockfighting is the key to winning cockfighting gambling in the future, so you should often read the history of cockfighting contests that have competed to win.