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30+ free and cheap apps for Windows 10 · Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Skype and Webex: · Splashtop: · NirSoft Windows password recover tools. While there are dozens of amazing Windows programs, knowing which ones are the Download: Google Drive (Free, subscription available).

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Computers are handy things for getting stuff done. Like work. And budgets. And sending emails and writing reports and making spreadsheets and Wait a minute. Just because you use your PC for serious stuff doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun, too. We’ve scoured the web for the best free programs that will make sitting in front of your computer a more enjoyable experience, bringing you new wallpapers, free streaming music, free games, and much more.

Download downoad enjoy! Digsby Bring instant-messaging applications such as Windows Live Messenger together with Digsbycoil multifunctional cool things to download on windows 10 free application.

Transcode Streaming media can be a fiddly business, and if you use your Xbox free download software for free a Vownload Media Extender, you might find the restrictions of DivX and Xvid irritating.

Transcode converts your нажмите чтобы увидеть больше as you play them into files your Xbox aindows handle. Orb Orb enables you to access your как сообщается здесь anywhere in the world, and stream it over the internet. Instead fere carrying your music with you, access tjings from anywhere with an internet connection, using a web page to browse your PC.

Joost The free internet TV service promised growth when it launched last year, and it’s delivered, with new content being added almost daily, and deals being brokered with major television networks.

You can stream video, or download programmes to your computer to watch in high quality whenever you want. The Filter The Filter searches your music and video collection to create playlists and suggest others you might like. A great way to discover new music, or to choose from your own amiduos windows download free, which could contain thousands of tracks. Steam Ln PC gaming into the 21st century, Steam lets you download and play the latest games and provides a great multiplayer platform, too.

Most new games are available through Steam, and it includes friends, groups and invitations. Windows Live Downloax Staying in contact couldn’t be easier, and now you can start video calls, voice chat, shared folder sending, webcam viewing and even on-demand TV. Windows Live Messenger is fast becoming an entertainment hub, with millions of users. Battlefield Heroes In a bid to entertain the world for free, EA cool things to download on windows 10 free launching Battlefield Heroesa third person cartoon shooter.

Windows 8.1 update free game features two sides of foppish soldiers with Spitfires, jeeps and ludicrous узнать больше здесь for the ultimate in free gaming fun.

Doppler A popular podcasting program with added functionality for iPods and iPhones, /9750.txt a cool things to download on windows 10 free of other devices.

Doppler is a great way to keep up with your favourite radio shows. VLC offers near universal compatibility and it’s open source light code means loading times and high definition movies run in their full glory.

To spice things up, check out this list of the world’s most interesting sights. Microsoft Touchless Using your webcam to play snake is the latest innovation from Microsoft, and could be a glimpse of the future. Command and Conquer: Red Alert If you’re too cheap to pay out for the new Ret Alert, then just play the old one for free!

Zattoo For the bored or digitally challenged coo, Zattoo. It has all the BBC channels and a few French ones, too, and the quality is surprisingly good.

Windows Live Photo T Sorting your photos has never been easier with the jewel of the Windows Live collection, Windows Live Photo Window – but try the little known panorama creator, which is one of the best in the world. Audacity The easiest way to create ringtones and sample tunes on your PC.

Audacity is free, downloda to use and surprisingly powerful. Started as a student project to create a successor to Tihngs Paint, Paint. Circle Dock Circle Dock is an animated application launcher that makes launching programs easy and fun.

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30+ BEST Software & Programs for Windows 10 PC


The app allows you to customize the color of the selected text and other UI elements in desktop applications. You can even create brighter and dimmer accents for particular UI elements, which is a great option.

The app is fairly simple to use and will help you give your PC or laptop a more unique appearance. While OneNote is generally clubbed with Microsoft Office apps, but I must mention it separately because it has become a powerful note-taking app on Windows 10 and has carved a space for itself.

You can jot down your notes, ideas on a whiteboard with support for multiple pens, images, screen clippings, audio commentaries, and more. And now with further improvements, it supports multi-user collaboration too. To sum up, if you want a note-taking app like Evernote then OneNote is the best software for Windows 10 in this category. Download OneNote Free It has a fluid and clean interface which helps you avoid distractions and focus more on the writing itself. You can use the syntax Markdown to format your text.

You can also create sheets and search between the sheets using keywords. One of the cool features of iA Writer is that when you are writing, only the current line is highlighted while the rest of the text is greyed out. This helps you focus more on what are you writing. Apart from that, it alsohas a dark theme to go with it. Simply put, the writing environment is fabulous and the app is very light and never lags. Bamboo Paper Turn your Windows 10 touch screen device into a notebook with Bamboo Paper, a Windows 10 app from Wacom which allows you to take notes or sketch on your Windows device with surprising accuracy.

The app includes a wide variety of tools, including different pens and brushes, which will allow you to write, draw, color or annotate documents on the fly. Download Bamboo Paper Free , offers in-app purchases Microsoft To-Do Give your productivity a boost with Microsoft To-Do, a simple yet smart to-do list app that allows you to create to-do lists, set tasks and reminders, and plan out your day to increase your productivity and decrease your stress levels.

The Microsoft To-Do app is a must-have for any Windows 10 users looking to streamline their day-to-day workflow. Download Microsoft To-Do Free Then you should probably take a look at Code Writer.

The app brings support for over 20 file types and features active syntax highlighting which updates as you edit your documents. Download Code Writer Free. Download Ditto Clipboard Free Most of us have to deal with PDF documents from time-to-time and having a robust app that not only lets us read the document but also annotate it is necessary.

I love that the app supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling along with single-page and continuous scrolling modes. It also brings a capable PDF manager which lets you create bookmarks and folders to easily organize your PDF documents. Note that while the app is free to download and use, some of its features are hidden behind a paywall which you can unlock using in-app purchases.

Then download the WhatsApp Desktop app on your device. You can take my word for it. Download WhatsApp Desktop Free The app, unlike the web version of the platform, includes pretty much all the features including DM and the ability to upload media.

You can learn how to use Instagram for PC without any limitation from our guide. Download Instagram Free Zoom Since the pandemic started, video conferencing has become an essential tool in our daily lives. Zoom is one of the excellent video conferencing tools that has a multitude of features and brings a native app for Windows Under the free tier, Zoom allows you to have video conferencing of up to participants but the calls are capped at 40 minutes.

If you want to have unlimited calls on Zoom then you can only have 2 participants or subscribe to its premium plan. There were some initial security issues regarding zoom-bombing and encryption, but most of them have been addressed and now you can use it reliably. There are also a bunch of really useful Zoom tips and tricks that you should check out. While Skype is a go-to app for video calls on Windows, I still recommend Zoom because of stable call quality even on slower internet speed.

If Zoom does not cut it for you then you can take a look at some of the best Zoom alternatives. Skype The Skype app is also one of the few apps that you must have on your device.

That said, if you find Skype limited in features then check out our list of best Skype alternatives. Download Skype Free Readit Readit has long been the top Reddit client for Windows Phone users. Readit offers almost all the features you get with the website and is arguably the best Reddit client available for Windows Download: PeaZip Free. Chances are that you use at least one messaging service to stay in touch with your friends during the day.

With so many options to choose from, there’s no way we could pick the best messaging service, because it all depends on what your friends use. So why not have all of them in one place? Rambox is our pick for the best messaging app on Windows. You can even add other web apps, like Apple Music, to it. The app simply adds a new tab for every service you use, letting you keep up with every group in one window.

It includes some extra features that make it more useful than opening these apps in your browser, and you can easily close or minimize one window instead of a half-dozen when it’s time to focus. While Rambox’s free plan has some limitations, it offers more for free than competitors like Franz. Download: Rambox Free, subscription available. A clipboard manager is an important Windows app because it saves you a lot of time.

Instead of only being able to keep one item on your PC’s clipboard at once, clipboard managers let you keep track of the last several dozen entries you’ve copied. ClipClip is a great Windows clipboard manager to use. In addition to logging what you copy, the app also lets you pin frequent snippets for easy access. It’s easy to create folders for quickly pasting canned text like addresses, email responses, and similar.

The app doesn’t overwhelm you with options, but does let you tweak its hotkeys, disable clipboard monitoring when needed, and choose what the app ignores. Add it to your list of basic Windows software and you’ll never have to worry about managing your PC’s clipboard again.

Download: ClipClip Free. It’s not humanly possible to create strong passwords for every account and remember them all. That’s why you need a password manager. It’s a secure service that creates good passwords for you and locks them behind one master password, which is the only one you have to remember. Bitwarden is the best free password manager and one of the most important pieces of software you can download.

In addition to the desktop app, you’ll need to install the Bitwarden extension in your browser of choice to easily auto-fill passwords. Follow our complete guide to getting started with a password manager to learn how to get started. Download: Bitwarden Free, subscription available. This tool can protect files with high encryption.

Driver Booster is a powerful device driver download tool that helps gamers boost their game performance. It offers priority updates for gaming components and game-ready drivers to improve the gaming experience. Paragon Partition Manager is a tool that enables you to migrate disk to a larger drive. It also allows you to manage hard disk partitions effectively.

This app enables you to create, format, delete as well as hide partition. It helps you to recover partition that is deleted accidentally. Internet Download Manager , also known as IDM, is a tool that helps you to increase download speeds by up to 5 times.

You can also resume and schedule downloads. Easy to use graphic user interface makes IDM user friendly and easy to use Internet. Info rich download dashboard. Revo is a utility app for Windows 10, which helps you uninstall and easily remove unwanted programs and software.

It is one of the best cool programs for Windows 10 that allows you to uninstall multiple applications in a row. The program also helps you to remove junk files and unnecessary program files. It also removes stubborn programs and popular browser extensions.

Ninite is a utility application for Windows 10 that allows you to install and update all your programs at once. You can also verify digital signatures or hashes.

The tool also helps you to skip any reboot request from the installer and use your proxy setting from Internet explorer. Rufus is an efficient and lightweight tool to create bootable USB drives. It helps you to create Windows TO Go drives.

It provides support for various disk, format, and partition. PeaZip is a file compression software supports more than different file formats. This software has many security features like an encrypted password manager and two-factor authentication.

The software can split the archive into multiple files. It enables you to compress files having limited resources. Tixati is a simple and easy to use BitTorrent client. It offers fast downloading algorithms that offer better bandwidth management and charting.

It also provides peer selection and choking. It also offers RC4 connection encryption for added security. WirelessNetView developed by Nirsoft is a small network monitoring program that can run in the background of your desktop or laptop. It monitors the activity of wireless networks around you. WinDirStat is a disk usage statistics viewer and cleanup tool for Microsoft Windows.

This program scans disk drives and generates reports that show which files, directories, files, and file types are using the most space. It allows users also to set up executable actions that will perform disk maintenance on demand. It is one of the best free programs which offers a built-in search engine and media player that supports private torrents, proxies, and encrypted connections.

Autodesk is free to use a drawing tool, creating a sketching tool, which helps you helps you to create quick conceptual sketches to fully finished artwork. It is one of the best software for PC that offers unique features like gallery file recovery and Dex support.

It allows you to access all the drawing and sketching tools on desktop and mobile platforms. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photo editing software. This graphic drawing tool offers easy ways to get started, effortless organization, step-by-step guidance for editing. The tool allows you to auto-generate photos, videos, and slideshows. Snagit is a powerful screen capture tool that captures both still images and grabs a frame from the video.

The tool comes with Smart Windows Detection. Its Windows app is easy to navigate and gives you access to all kinds of recommendations and curated playlists. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the US and also one of the most popular apps on the Microsoft Store. You can use the app to quickly pull up TV shows and movies without having to navigate in a browser, and the service syncs across devices, so you can pause an episode on your PC and resume where you left off on your phone.

Not only can you access some of the most popular TV shows like Seinfeld and This is Us , but you can also get live TV from over 65 channels and can add content from other services like HBO Max and Showtime for an extra cost.

Not a streaming service, but still quite useful, VLC is a free media player that can handle all kinds of formats. It includes some features to improve the viewing experience, including equalizer settings and presets for music playback.

Discord started out as a service for gamers, but the company has worked to expand it to more demographics this year. Slack is a must-have for many workplaces — especially teams that are partially or fully remote. Anyone can create a virtual workspace to chat and hang out, whether for your book club or your fantasy football league.

WPS has some handy features of its own: for example, Writer allows you to keep multiple documents open in browser-esque tabs. Widely praised as the best task-management program out there, Todoist allows you to create projects and tasks within those projects and assign them priority ratings, due dates and times, labels, and all kinds of other details.

I use it to write notes and reminders to myself and keep them hanging on the side of my screen, the same way you would with a Post-It. The subscription-based suite includes all the office tools you might be looking for, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.

Anyone who uses Dropbox for work or personal use can take advantage of its nice Windows app, which gives you a convenient way to view your photos and documents. You can also download and upload items in the app.

Check out Google Drive for a cloud-based alternative to Dropbox. You just might stop saving passwords in your browser and on your computer. True, its diagnoses can be unclear, but they are definitely more informative than the frowny face that Windows gives you.

The Windows-native disk cleanup helps with this sort of thing, but it can miss a lot. I often find that I have old and forgotten downloads taking up a lot of space, or cached image files from browsers. Fortunately, a site called Oldergeeks. By the way, Oldergeeks. Over on GitHub, the WUmgr tool also allows you to block specific updates. You can find a great overview of how to use the tool on the AskWoody forums. Both WUshowhide and WUmgr illustrate that there is a clear need for more control over Windows updates, a need that Microsoft has yet to fill.

Keeping a Windows computer and all its applications up to date is a complex task. Ninite helps even enterprises to deploy updates across networks.

Ninite: free for consumers, per-PC pricing for businesses.


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The app looks pretty cool and you can do a bunch of useful things. However, it’s wise to keep a secondary security program installed to supplement it. Add it to your list of basic Windows software and you’ll never have to worry about managing your PC’s clipboard again. It offers advanced tagging capabilities. Meet with anyone with online-meeting software Zoom Zoom has kept most of us informed and connected during the pandemic, and maybe also driven us a cool things to download on windows 10 free crazy. This business communication app offers cross-team transparency and more natural productivity within a business.

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