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    DO THIS BEFORE WINNING A LOTTERY GAME – Are you someone who knows you will win the lottery? What are you doing to prepare for major changes in your life? Is there anything you should do to help make the right adjustments before winning? Here are the top 5 solid tips on what you should do before you win big.

    1. Say the word, “No” over and over again. Saying no will be the most important advice in preparation for winning the lottery. There is a sea of ​​horror stories about people who went bankrupt after winning the lottery. Too many winners don’t know how to say, “No.” Think about it. If you have a long list of free-loading relatives, friends in need, people who constantly asked for help and assistance before you won the lottery, then imagine what it will be like after it is announced that you won. It’s important to practice saying, “No,” or you may be another member of the Big Win and Break club.

    2. Keep all your losing lottery tickets. Many people don’t realize it but your losing lottery tickets are tax deductible on your lottery winnings. Also, your receipts for other gambling losses can also be deducted from the lottery winnings. So start filing your lost receipts until the big day arrives. The more organized you are, the more money you can save in the long run. Therefore, it is important to start the filing system immediately. The sooner you start, the better.

    3. Keep your lottery tickets in a safe place. As mentioned above, organization is key to making sure you win and come back with as much money as possible. Same concept as saving your ticket. The majority of state lotteries only give you 30 days to claim small winnings from lottery agents. So if you win and you don’t know where the lottery tickets are stored, time goes on and threatens you to lose the prize altogether. You can submit your ticket after 30 days, but what if your electricity bill is due and you need the money urgently? Keep your lottery tickets in a safe place, and check them immediately after each draw.


    4. Don’t neglect your budget. If you are on a budget and playing the lottery is going to cost you money, then don’t play. As simple as that. There is nothing positive that comes out of playing the lottery when there is already pressure on finances. If you must play, then play with a group of friends and/or family members. Collect your money, put it in the pool and then play. This gives you a bigger lottery budget and allows you to play a bigger lottery wheel, which would otherwise be out of reach.

    5. When you play the lottery with a group of people, ask everyone to sign a Unification Agreement. Nothing rips off friends and family faster than money. Winning the lottery and/or the lottery is no different. To avoid problems arising, have everyone sign the Merger Agreement. This prevents future discrepancies from occurring. Plus, when you win millions, you’re not debating a few dollars but money for life. The Unification Agreement has always been a must.…